Residential Treatment Services


Residential Treatment Services

Riverbend offers a co-ed therapeutic residential treatment program for individuals with significant developmental disabilities or autism ages 6 to 21. The program focuses on developing communication and life skills, so residents can learn how to function appropriately in a natural setting, allowing them to reunite with their family or step down to a less restrictive setting. Patients admitted to Riverbend’s residential treatment program may be diagnosed with one or more of the following:

  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Mild to severe mental impairment
  • Developmental delay

Highlights Include:

  • Secure, home-like setting
  • Enhances social, behavioral, communicative, functional, and academic growth
  • 24/7 structure and consistent routines, visuals and programming support communication and language goals
  • Compliments classroom experience at the residential school for greater and accelerated gains
  • Residential service plans and IEPs are created in conjunction with education staff

Key Principles of Residential Treatment

  • Person-centered: services are individualized and flexible to meet the unique needs of the individual.
  • Collaborative: all programs work closely with each individual/family/caregiver, and related community members to maximize the individual’s potential.
  • Emphasize skill building: skill building that will lead directly to greater independence and success.
  • Enhance self-determination: services and supports that promote the individual’s ability to participate in processes and make decisions that impact their lives.
  • Emphasize quality of life: quality of life indicators are identified to assist in determining program success, such as satisfaction with school and employment, community integration, social connectedness, and personal autonomy.
  • Accountable and effective: objective data and social validity measures are used to evaluate the effectiveness of evidence-based practices; data-based decision models are used to modify programs when needed.


Riverbend residential treatment services are provided on the campus of Riverbend Behavioral Health Center in South Bend, Indiana. Special education services are on campus as well as fitness and recreational opportunities.


ABA experienced staff are with residents 24/7. Every resident is assigned a treatment team upon admission. The treatment team includes master’s level counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, and BCBA’s who have ongoing consultation with speech and occupational therapists


Residents live in a safe and secure environment within Riverbend Behavioral Health Center. When not attending school on campus, residents participate in group activities, spend time in the community, sports, and leisure activities on campus and develop relationships with their peers. Families visit whenever they can, otherwise, are encouraged to stay connected via Skype, FaceTime, videos, and other frequent correspondence.

When not attending school, residents participate in group activities

Targeted Interventions & Support

Educational services at Riverbend are driven by each child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Each child’s home school district collaborates in the development and review/reassessment of the IEP. Parents receive monthly reports highlighting student progress and regular updates regarding the child’s school behavior.